Opener Repair

A malfunctioning opener can be a major inconvenience. But don't worry, our experts are well-versed in repairing all types of garage door openers. We ensure that your remote and wall switch work seamlessly every time.

Springs Replacement

If you're dealing with broken springs, we've got the fix. Our technicians specialize in both torsion and extension spring replacement. They'll make sure your garage door is balanced and functioning smoothly once more.

Cable Repair or Replacement

Cables play an integral role in safe operation of your garage doors but they can fray or snap over time due to wear-and-tear. At Hamilton Garage Door & Gates Repair, we handle cable repair tasks effectively ensuring safety for all users.

Damaged Panel Restoration

A damaged panel not only spoils the aesthetic appeal of your property but also compromises on its security aspect. Be it dents from weather impact or accidents - leave such repairs to us for restoring them as good as new.

Why Choose Us?

No job is too big or small for us. With years of experience, we bring a unique blend of technical know-how and dedication to each repair job. Plus, our transparent pricing ensures no hidden surprises for you.We're more than just mending what's broken - our top priority is to deliver you an exceptional service experience. So why wait? Let Hamilton Garage Door & Gates Repair help get your garage door working as it should.

Garage Door Brands

When it comes to garage doors, brand matters. It's not only about appearance and feel, but also toughness, effectiveness, and security components.

Clopay, a renowned name in the industry has been setting benchmarks for years. They're famous for their stylish designs that can withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining aesthetic appeal

LiftMaster - A Blend of Innovation and Convenience

LiftMaster is another popular choice among homeowners due to its advanced technology integration. From Wi-Fi enabled openers to battery backup systems ensuring functionality during power outages - they've got you covered.Their customer support system is commendable too. So if there are any hiccups along your way – LiftMaster won’t let you down.

Raynor Garage Doors – Safety First.

Moving on from innovation convenience, we have Raynor with their prime focus on safety measures. With Raynor’s steel garage doors, worry less about security because they put safety first.Besides robustness and sturdiness synonymous with Raynor products, their sleek designs never fail to add an extra charm to your home exterior.

Aesthetics Meets Quality: Wayne Dalton & CHI Garage Doors

  • If beauty had a synonym in terms of garage door brands – it would be Wayne Dalton. But don’t let their elegant looks fool you. They’re sturdy and built to last.
  • CHI Garage Doors also offers a blend of beauty, durability, and high performance. Known for exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials – they are the choice of many homeowners.

Don't forget, picking the right garage door brand isn't just about that. It's a lot more.

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