Cable And Track Repair

When your garage door goes off the rails, it's often a sign that your cables and tracks need some TLC. Think of these parts as the unsung heroes of your garage door system: they do all the heavy lifting and guiding but get little of the glory—until something goes wrong.

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The Role of Cables and Tracks in Garage Door Systems

Your garage door’s smooth operation relies on sturdy cables and well-aligned tracks. The cables, attached to springs, are responsible for the actual lifting when you hit that magic button on your remote. On their side, tracks guide this heavyweight champion up and down without turning your garage into a demolition derby.If one is frayed or another bent out of shape, you'll feel it every time you use them—they're like guitar strings that have lost their tune; only instead of music to your ears, it's more akin to nails on a chalkboard.

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